Knowledge of specific market information is essential for companies looking to successfully expand their product into Ghana. We collect and prepare crucial information needed to assess just how competitive your products or services are in the local market by offering a detailed market study.
In this process, we analyze the current market situation in Ghana, paying particular attention to information available on the competition, structures in place for distribution and on how to create a demand for specific products or services. This facilitates the ability to specifically assess the marketing and sales opportunities available for your products. The results of a study will include detailed information pertaining to:

  • Market size and market development
  • The number of direct competitors, their size, and their places of operation
  • Information on potential distribution partners
  • Product requirements specific to the Ghanaian market

We also pool information from associations, government agencies and directly from market players themselves.  Once a market study has been completed, we offer additional options as a part of our integrative range of services such as Business Partner Search or Business Representation Services to facilitate your entry into the market.